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Sleep to Earn

Rewards accumulated just by sleeping
Nowadays, people are suffering from insomnia. as the root cause of insomnia circadian rhythm is disrupted due to irregular life such as stress, frequent drinking, and light pollution, resulting in insomnia, As the number of people with division disorders is rapidly increasing, it is becoming an issue as a social problem as well. Insomnia is one of the main culprits that worsen the health of modern people, but healthy sleeping habits It is a disease that can be sufficiently improved through management. HEALTH MONEY is a health center Motivation to improve healthy sleep habits with responsibility as our platform We introduced the Sleep to Earn service, which allows you to earn money while sleeping. is. HEALTH MONEY provides REM cycle, deep sleep, Data such as sleep time are measured and rewards are paid based on the recorded sleep score. All. NFTs are divided into 10 grades, with the highest grade NFT being the lowest grade. You can earn points with higher efficiency than the NFT of , and receive more rewards.