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Guild War

The next level of “Sport Competition”
Introducing a new take on Guild War, the ultimate exercise battle in which guilds contest over the ownership of castle in the existing world of HEALTH MONEYVERSE. Guild War allows you to compete in exercise as a team against rival guilds for a chance to win special exclusive prizes that could not be found elsewhere – but Guild War.
Experience the next level of “Sport Competition” where everyone around the world can participate in from anywhere – at anytime without boundaries. You can also pave your own way to become an athlete you wanted to be in Guild War.


In the Guild War tournament, It takes the form of accumulating points to generate monthly rankings. Initially, there are four types of activity available for participation: running, walking, cycling and swimming. Each type of competition has its own castle in which guilds contest in exercise over the ownership of a castle. Guild is only allowed to access one castle at a time.
Say, for instance, if your guild participates in running, you will only be able to submit workout data to running activity. Being the winner grants your guild several benefits such as special prizes and a guild emblem that enriches the castle.
Monthly Tournament
Points in monthly tournaments will be totaled up at the end of the month. The top ten guilds will be awarded with points. *it will likely change if the surrounding circumstances dictate so.* Guild with the highest score in each month will be considered as the winner. (The scoring calculation will be finalized on the last day of each month.)
Quarterly Tournament
The Quarterly Tournament is a major tournament. Points will be accumulated throughout the quarter (3 months). Guild with the highest total scores will be considered the winner.
It is necessary for a guild to complete KYC (Know Your Customer) in order to be eligible to apply for a tournament. This includes identity verification via photos and documents such as applicant's ID or passport. It takes approximately 300 $HEALTH MONEY to form a guild. (*it will likely change if the surrounding circumstances dictate so*). For anyone whose goal is to create your own guild, save up your $HEALTH MONEY.

Fraud Activity

At HEALTH MONEY we place utmost importance in creating a fair and level playing field for all of our users. We would like to reassure all of our users that fraud is a matter taken seriously by our team. Therefore, we do not tolerate cheating in any cases whether it's altering submitted data, submitting fake data or photoshopping exercise results. This includes, but is not limited to forgery of KYC documents and payment violations.
Should there be any evidence of fraudulent activity found in your guild, a penalty of fine will be charged. Should your account be issued a third strike of fraud, we will permanently suspend your guild from participating in the tournament.


Be inspired by the wide array of exciting prizes that can not be received elsewhere – but Guild War. Only the winner will be eligible to get their hands on these exclusive prizes. The types of rewards are as follows.
1. Monthly Reward
Monthly Reward provides exclusive NFTs (Epic) wearables that can only be obtained by taking part in the competition. The guild that dominates the Castle and has the highest monthly scores will be eligible for the rewards.
2. Quarterly Reward
The quarterly rankings feature three categories of prizes: Prize Money, NFTs wearables (Legendary & Mythic), as well as tangible products from our partner. The team with the highest overall score in a certain quarter will be eligible to receive the prize.
*Both monthly and quarterly rewards are subject to vary depending on the time period and the sponsors that are supporting it at the moment. If you want to know what the prize will look like? Stay tuned!

Guild Level

Guild War also has its own levels, which adds fun and excitement to your exercise. The higher the level of your guild, the more features and benefits you will unlock on the platform. For example:
  • Extra Guild Submission is an amount of submission your guild can make per month.
  • Unlock new activities to which your guild can submit health data. At the default level, guilds can only submit data to one activity.
  • Gachapon Ticket
  • Boss Challenge
  • Guild Destroyer
Furthermore, there are a wide variety of exciting features that transform your usual workouts to become more motivating, exciting, and more rewarding than ever before!
The level of your guild can be upgraded using $HEALTH MONEY. The higher your guild's level, the higher rewards and extra benefits. With each increase in level, the amount of $HEALTH MONEY required for upgrade increases too.
*The information about Guild's level will be announced later.


Scholar is one among other features that functions in Guild War. It enables guildmates to deposit NFTs into Guild’s Wallet and lend it out to other guildmates. The scholar's advantage is that the benefits gained through lending items will be shared. The proportion of share will be determined by the guild master.

How-To About Guild War

Guild War feature functions on the HEALTH MONEYVERSE website/platform, which is separated from the application but yet connected, similar to Avatar NFT Shop. Today, we will be taking you through a simple How-to instruction for using this feature.
Table of Contents
  • How to Create Guild
  • How to Create Guild’s Wallet
  • How to Invite & Remove Player
  • Guild Scholarship
  • How to Deposit Coins to Guild’s Wallet
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