Health Money


The HEALTH MONEY project began in 2022, born from a company, Carlsberg Labs, that has been active since 2017. We are a next generation team dedicated to creating innovative solutions that improve lifestyles.
HEALTH MONEY is an “Health to Earn” application. Workout, get rewards– it's that simple! Earn HEALTH MONEY coins(HELM) through exercise and exchange coins for store purchases physical products & NFTs, event ticket, organize virtual sport events and holder ranking to access features.
HEALTH MONEY promotes an active lifestyle for its users. We create challenges in running, walking, swimming, cycling, workout and dance, where our users can compete in terms of speed, distance, have competitions as a group, or even create their own custom challenge.
Vision & Mission
“Innovate better health & lifestyle technology for billion people by acquiring non-crypto users to crypto world”
Stage 1: #1 Health to earn platform (Sport Solution)
Run, Walk, Bike, Swim, Workout, Dance and more to come. We will bridge data from all professional sports applications into one place and give you rewards for tracking your activities.
Stage 2: Social Media for active lifestyle users
Almost all social media platforms rely on selling users’ data as a source of revenue. Our business model works differently. We put the control of our user’s data back into the hands of the users themselves. They are in full control of releasing their data to us in return for rewards.
Stage 3: Multi-Metaverse Avatar
Connect the real-world to the virtual world with our app. Users can live in any metaverse with a single profile. Our app also bridges the gap between all kinds of smart gadgets.‍