Health Money


Q. What kind of project is HEALTH MONEY?
A. This is a Health To Earn project and Health Care service that provides rewards based on wearable band data.
Q. When will the HEALTH MONEY app open?
A. The first test of collecting data through wearable bands has been completedwith the pre-selected test participants. In the middle of Jan, the white list object was Plan to recruit players to participate in Closebeta for home. The selected objects will be introduced through the community. Open Beta service will be launched in mid-Feb.
Q. How is HEALTH MONEY service compensation paid?
A. NFT players will issue tokens at the specified time every day according to the data accumulated by the wearable band, time tasks and levels.
Q. What technology does HEALTH MONEY have?
A. HEALTH MONEY is a place that has been providing health care services using com for more than 10 years, providing a number of patent topics such as wearability to improve sleep disorders and light aging care A high-tech professional team with products.
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