Health Money


We focus on long-term growth
At HEALTH MONEY, we prioritize long term growth. Our goal is continuous innovation that will inspire people to take better care of their health in new and exciting ways. We will update our prizes, form partnerships with leading brands in the fitness and tech industry, and release products that stretch far beyond being simply another application. Our platform not only revolves around something as accessible as virtual fitness, but integrates it with the up and coming space in blockchain. Innovation & Quality Our team focuses first and foremost on innovation and quality. We value creative, unconventional thinking and bold ideas that can be harnessed into a product that is useful in day to day life. We take utmost care in the quality of service and products that we provide, making sure everything is thoroughly tested and processed through our design system, bringing you the best possible product and service we can offer. Whether you are a user or investor with a long term goal, HEALTH MONEY is the platform for you.
we caught the attention of many event organizers in Thailand who contracted us to create events on the HEALTH MONEY app. This how we began in developing the HEALTH MONEY we all know today
  • 2022.2Q
  • Build a Project team
  • Kickoff Project
  • 2022.3Q
  • Project direction and planning settings
  • Relevant industry survey and consultation
  • Test open data by wearable device
  • 2022.4Q
  • Website opening
  • Community channels open (Twitter, Telegram)
  • Galaxy Fit 2-band data linkage test
  • Recruitment of App Close Beta test users
  • Access NFT is publicly available
  • $HELM Token CEX listing
  • 2023.1Q
  • App Open Beta service release
  • Hold offline events
  • Publish STAY service
  • $HELM Token DEX listing
  • 2023.2Q
  • Open challenge mode function
  • Open fraternity mode function
  • Wearable bands link with overseas brands
  • Cooperation with life sports related assoc iations (badmintonTable tennis, football, etc.)
  • 2023.3Q
  • Global Service Launch
  • Health Management Association and DATA an alysis and utilizationcooperation
  • Attract advertising (apps and community eve- nts)