Health Money

Founding Team

HEALTH MONEY was born under the vision of the company’s CEO, David, an ex-Hubcol Growth Marketer and an experienced full-stack marketer, whose expertise extends into growth in creating product market fit. David has worked two years in a tech startup as well as four years as a venture builder alongside his co-founder, Theodore, ex-Event Leads at GoldLinks, a company that has received funding from Alibaba. Theodore is experienced in event planning in relation to technology and is well practiced in coordinating large events for over 1,000 people. Theodore has worked one year in a tech startup as well as three years as a venture builder. In our work as venture builders, we started with a Growth Agency, creating a core team and building their expertise through accepting clients, namely SMEs in the securities industry as well as startups in SEA, Africa, and the US. Our business provided a holistic service, covering total tech and marketing solutions with regards to online growth, from building websites and applications to creating advertisements and SEO content. In essence, we performed any and all growth related activities in the online world, with our main focus being on tailor-made strategies for our clients.
Blockchain Strategy
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Blockchain Engineer
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